Thiel 101

I’ve been thinking a lot about Peter Thiel recently and, thought it would be cool to put a list of my favorite Thiel stuff that I can send to people to Thiel-pill them. I think Thiel will be known as one of the most important intellectuals, and action-takers of our time, and that he’s generally very misunderstood. His ideas/ideas that've influenced him are very interesting to study if you yourself want to take action. Also by now, I believe that he talks esoterically showing much less than he have thought.

Zero To One
- The notes are very good too, especially the leacture 13 ones.
- The book mainly becomes much more interesting the more Strauss and Girard you read.
- Best debate Thiel did.
- Syllabus of courses Thiel taught:
- GERMAN 277: Stagnation or Progress.
- GERMAN 270: Sovereignty and the Limits of Globalization and Technology.
- It’s rare for Thiel to give life advice, but here is a commencement speech he gave.
- His comments on last elections.
- There’re some very good stories on what it likes to work with Thiel in Michael Gibson book’s Paper Belt on Fire.

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