Hey there 👋 My name is Shawki. I am 19 y/o, I grow up in Syria and moved to Istanbul last year.

I previously interned at Primer where I worked on social features, built layer-1 oracles at UofT, run a protocols engineering course, helped a startup change their shipping and technical infrastructure, and built a LMS and an audio books app. I was also an Ethereum Foundation scholar.

Have a challenge? shawkisukkar@gmail.com


Primer - SWE/Full-Stack Intern

  • Built social features and helped with audio chat spaces. More here!

Conflux - Software Developer Intern

  • Built a DeFi project to manage web3 portfolio and invest in DeFi across multiple chains.

UofT - Intern

  • Integrated oracles with layer 1 and implemented oracle smart contracts.

Ocean Protocol - Intern

  • Researched integrating with other platforms, worked on the data tokens poc.

Wizme - Many Hats (Intern)

  • Helped to build a new infra, shipping process, & built AWS libraries, venues booking service.

Craft Lab - Software Developer Intern

  • Built JS libraries, audiobooks app, and started a LMS project.

Also, consulted to Instacart and UN while I was at TKS.